Aly Michalka | PIECE of Mind

Aly Michalka wears a blue dress and walks on a road. There are mountains in the background.

PIECE OF MIND is a quick plunge into the worlds, thoughts, and details that are front-of-mind for women who inspire us.


Aly Michalka is a musician and actress based in Los Angeles. 

Two images. The first is of an old gas pump. The second is Aly Michalka with her horse.

Five Years Ago I wish I’d known:


I’d go back to making music & it would be a creative awakening. That would’ve given me a lot of peace knowing I had that in front of me.

Two images. The first is of Aly Michalka wearing a hat and facing the camera. The second is of a field with a mountain in the background.

Cultural touchstones — we all have the song, the piece of art, the books that have moved us and stuck with us for life. That we feel a certain “ownership” of in some sense. What are yours?


The Film: Oslo, August 31st. It’s so powerful. The opening and the cafe scene stand out in my mind. 


The Song: Taro by Alt J.

The City: Rome. 

Aly Michalka wears a dress and stands in a vineyard

If I had a month on my own with no constraints or obligations:


I would spend my days riding horses and writing music. Those are two of my greatest joys in life. 

Aly Michalka wears a dress and hat while riding her horse