How WE Started


Long before we knew each other, the idea of beauty and purposeful design, as a way to uplift our existence, connected us. Kindred spirits, we met as students at NYU and spent our 20s pursuing our creative passions: graphic design + branding (Laura) and styling (Starr). We discovered a shared frustration – we had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.


On a road trip through West Texas to celebrate our 30th birthdays, we conceived of Apiece Apart – a line of foundation + statement pieces that could be packed in a bag, to go anywhere and do anything.


A minimal closet with maximal results.

Two woman, one wearing black and white and the other wearing all black, stand on sand outdoors smiling
obsessions: pardo

Jorge Pardo: Artist, Sculptor and Obsessions Inspiration 




We design our collections for intentional wardrobe building – mixing, matching and layering. Pieces that last for years to come, can be wrinkled and worn on repeat. Our design mantra is "can she wear it at least once a week?"


We hope you wear the hell out of them.

WOMEN Centered


The clothes don’t wear you – you wear the clothes. This has been core to our design ethos from the beginning. We design collections that are beautiful and simple. Effortless, so you have more time for connecting, hustling, relaxing, playing and dreaming.


Clothing to get out the door.

Women Centered






Apiece Apart is guided by a deep social and environmental conscience, and we make business decisions that prioritize people and the planet. We're tremendously proud of the progress we've made toward sustainability (it's a journey, not a destination), and we will continue to make changes that lead to positive environmental impact.


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Forward fund


In 2022, we established the Apiece Apart Future Forward Fund to direct 1% of our annual E-commerce sales to organizations working to protect women’s rights, children’s rights, social justice, equality and our environment. Recipients to date have been Everytown for Gun Safety and the Uvalde Love Project. The Fund allows us to be nimble and donate to worthy causes when they arise.

A woman wearing all white holds a baby
Patricia Iglesias | Muses of Now

Apiece Apart Women


We are endlessly inspired by women. Since 2015, our APIECE APART WOMAN series has shared their stories. We’ve featured over 150 women from around the world – women who are visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, authors, ceramicists, philanthropists and more.