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The palette and tactility of place were two of our biggest inspirations for our prefall 2023 collection — how the specific layering of nature, architecture, and environment form their own language. We drew particular influence from travels through Mexico, with its vibrant hues and rich context offering an endless well of sensorial discovery. To dive deeper, we visit muse Joanna Williams’ incredible LA textile archive — a library of fabrics sourced around the world — to explore findings from her extensive travels throughout Mexico and musings on the stories told through textiles.

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From our conversation with Joanna:


“My earliest memory of Mexico is spending time at my grandfather’s home in Acapulco, filled with lush and vivid foliage and bright green iguanas running through the mango trees. That tropical color palette always stuck with me. Spending time in Mexico has helped me embrace its richness of color: there is a very specific Mexican pink that is truly its own. There is Coyoacán blue, most often associated with Casa Azul. There’s the marigolds that decorate Mexican altars. The quiet side speaks to me as well: Terracottas, blacks, and whites mixed with materials like wood or wicker. It’s a beautiful simplicity that doesn’t feel stark or alienating.


“I am always seeking vintage and antique pieces with a distinct origin story…and that hold examples of astounding workmanship. Often I’ll show someone a piece, the technique will blow their mind; they can’t figure out how it was created. I love finding the right home for a print, a piece of embroidery, or a color of dye — and then seeing it be interpreted in a new way. The story continues, over and over…”

Numerous art and textiles.

Describe your last month in a word:






A new-to-you health hack you’ve started for your own wellbeing:


Going to bed at 9:30 pm is something I’ve started doing the past couple of years. I love to sleep. Eight hours is great, nine is ideal. I wake up very early during the week and either surf or go for a run before heading to work, and I prefer to be high functioning and well rested.




A recent inspiration:


Seeing the Barry McGee show, Earthworm, at Perrotin on a stormy LA afternoon is seared in my memory for life. I am crazy nostalgic, and seeing the scope of his work alongside others he collaborated with took me back to a very specific time in my life. My formative years were all about music, skate/surf culture, and street art. The exhibition gave me a deep feeling of connection and was sort of a mirror, showing me that I’m pretty much still the same girl I was way back when.

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A North Star, forever inspiration:


The ocean is where I gain perspective on life; it shows me how small I am in this giant, beautiful, and complicated world. My absolute favorite way to spend my time is being in the water surfing. Riding the waves of the ocean and of life — it’s all the same, and I am constantly surrendering and learning when I’m on my board, whether I’m charging hard or getting my ass handed to me.




Things I take seriously:


Empathy, connection, authenticity, friendship, reproductive rights, kindness.




My mantra:


Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s ok.

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