Soraya Darabi

Soraya wears SHIRRED GEORGIA DRESS in cream and LAS NUBES SHEARLING COAT in stormy blue
In what ways have you become the woman you've always wanted to be? How has your idea of that woman changed over time?
The woman I want to become is equally unafraid to be feminine as she is to be a feminist. They are one in the same, with strength at the core of each. My childhood notion was that the two worlds were removed from one another. There was my grandmother, the ultimate caretaker who cooked to show love. Then there was my mother, the fierce working woman, a provider.  Ultimately, they both became my heroines and I learned, much like in The Joy Luck Club, we all become our mothers and grandmothers eventually.  
If you could pick any mentor any time who would it be?
Marie Curie.  She had such fearlessness, but ultimately perseverance, determination, and mad genius. I went as her for Halloween once. 
What books are on your nightstand?
'The Zookeeper's Wife', 'Hang High The Roofbeams, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction', 'Results May Vary', 'Play It As It Lays'
What have you changed or done in your life that helps you to thrive?
I get a massage weekly after a yoga and meditation class. On at least three other days a week I exercise with intensive cardio and once a week with weights. It's shocking how helpful feeling healthy inside and out can be. I also prioritize time with my family above all, something I wasn't great at in the past, and make time to write handwritten cards to each of my friends reminding them of how grateful I am to have them in my life. This act has been a game-changer for my mental state of mind. There is a lot to feel grateful for! 
What's your current curiosity? 
I'm curious about so many things, and I was told recently that the secret to happiness is remaining curious. I'm curious about tile-making: I'd like to make my own for a Moroccan-themed bathroom one day inside a house that looks like the Hudson Woods Project by Drew Lang. I'm curious about political identity, and how many of my theories were shaped by my parents and my surroundings…[wondering] if I feel different about issues now that I am in my thirties. This election is pulling my mind into so many directions.
Soraya Darabi is a serial-entrepreneur, angel investor and co-founder of Her portfolio companies include Casper, The Wing, GlamSquad, Reserve, Brit & Co, Gimlet Media and Hullabalu.
Photography by TIM HOUT