Sandeep Salter

How do you want to be seen by others?
I want to be seen as I am. 


What are some of the essential objects in your life that you come into contact with everyday? 

I’m English so it’s important to me to have a good set of tea cups and a good teapot. I’m also very conscious of the textiles we use everyday—we have great linens at home that are used well—my husband and I would always opt for using something washable than disposable. I’m on the go a lot so things that carry other things are essential! A leather tote and various cases: my dusty pink wallet, a waxed canvas zip folio as a diaper bag, a tanned leather iPad case, card case, and a small linen sack for little toys and hankies.


Are there any principles that help guide your days, actions, or lifestyle? 

To be present. It's all well and good to multitask, it's essential really, but if I am distracted I remind myself to be present. To let something go until later in order to listen or to act deliberately. 


How do you dress when dressing for yourself? 

When I'm alone, I am wearing pajamas. Always. 



Sandeep Salter is the co-founder of McNally Jackson Goods for the Study and Picture Room in Nolita, New York City.
Photography by TIM HOUT | Styling and Interview by ALEXA HOTZ