Piece of Mind: Lisa Przystup

Piece of Mind: Lisa Przystup



Piece of Mind: Lisa


Lisa Przystup is a writer in Dehli, NY. She’s about to publish her first book, Upstate, “rooted in a longstanding preoccupation with the idea of home”, and coming out in late October. “I’m...fascinated by the mechanics behind making a house a home. For me it’s about collecting bits and baubles (stones, feathers, dried flowers. tumbleweeds, nests, shells) and tchotchkes from our travels, playing nice music and filling our space with good smells—creating a world designed to bring pleasure and warmth and comfort to the people we share it with. I love that everyone goes about it differently so that each home is entirely unique to each person—a fingerprint of sorts.” 
What are some things you “swear by” or recommend frequently? 
Naps, good dark chocolate, L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers.  
Something other people love that I cannot get behind: Roller Coasters.
Piece of Mind: Lisa


What does being successful mean, honestly?
Always striving to grow while also being able to stand in the present moment and be content.
What little things surprise you about being the age you are right now? 
How much my knees bother me. 
Piece of Mind: Lisa


How do you, personally, keep your life feeling organized? Is this important? 
Lists. Lots and lots of lists. That, and stacks. Lots and lots of stacks. And yes, feeling organized is incredibly important to me. It’s my gameplan, it’s what allows me to feel in control (even if I’m not at all, which is often the case).

Best meal you’ve had in recent memory.
A super simple salad of fresh peaches, tomatoes, basil, and prosciutto drizzled with really good olive oil with a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt. Everything but the prosciutto was snagged at the local farmers market in Delhi at its peak summer amazingness. These are my favorite meals: fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables drizzled with nice olive oil—that’s all you need to make a good meal (in my humble opinion).