Piece of Mind: Eisa Davis

Piece of Mind: Eisa Davis

PIECE OF MIND is a survey of the sensorial details and qualities that are front-of-mind for the women who inspire us.


​​​​​​Piece of Mind Eisa Davis

A place: the library

An idea: joy as presence 

A palette: dusk

A sound: underwater distortion

A texture: hand against the grain, the back of my lover's head a few days after it has been shaven

A taste: kimchi!

A discovery: a brief conversation with a firefly during an evening jaunt at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Piece of Mind Eisa

Eisa Davis is an award-winning writer and performer in theatre, film and television. She was born and raised on the Berkeley / Oakland town line, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. 


Piece of Mind Eisa Davis