Piece of Mind: Bronwyn Keenan

Piece of Mind Bronwyn Keenan


PIECE OF MIND is a survey of the sensorial details and qualities that are front-of-mind for the women who inspire us.
Photos by Tim Hout

Apiece Apart Bronwyn keenan

A place: Buffalo, NY
An idea: “All are welcome" and "satellite cities”
A color (or palette): The 70's peace palette of dusty mauve and avocado green
A sound: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks' newish album, "Sparkle Hard." Especially Stephen's poignant vocals on "Middle America."

A texture: My parrotlet's soft green feathers and feather dust.
A taste: Lil Deb's Oasis whole fried fish 
A discovery: Michael Pollan's "How to Change Your Mind" 
Bronwyn Keenan has been involved in the arts for over 25 years. She started out at the front desk of Christie's East and a short time later opened and managed her namesake gallery for a decade. Bronwyn went on to direct events at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In tandem with her work in museum events, Bronwyn has been active in the political action committee, Downtown for Democracy, and most recently the 2018 midterm elections. Bronwyn is a recent transplant to Buffalo, New York, where she will direct the new strategic initiative, the Arts Collaboratory, at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University at Buffalo.