Notes From APART: Whitney Bichsel

Notes From APART: Whitney Bichsel


A brief list of front-burner interests, inspirations, and ideas to consider from the Apiece Apart studio. This week's comes from our customer service director, Whitney...





01 / TO WEAR

02 / TO READ

03 / TO SEE

04 / TO DO


To Wear


01 / TO WEAR

Leta Blouse

My summer uniform. Easy and goes with everything.


To read


02 / TO READ

Out East by John Glynn

Been spending a lot of time in our East Hampton store and finding it fun to visit places referenced in the book.



to see


03 / TO SEE

Blue Crush

Revisited + got inspired by really living out BEACH LIFE from this movie. It's a cult classic!



to do


04 / TO DO

Summer in the city –

I'm not traveling in August. I love the slower pace of the city when everyone’s away and am excited to experience it this month. 



to relax



Facials at Sias in Soho

Keeping my skin fresh in the heat wave!