Marble Studies


“I periodically have phases where it seems like everything i own is dumb clutter. In my own living space, I am very very selective in only buying only things I love, which in general is (I think) a smart strategy, but tends to make the day-to-day a little boring.”


A way I deal with design ennui is to have a designated space where I mix it up: a blank slate for a rotating still life. Think about ways the objects you already own can be arranged and rearranged.


Here are a few ideas:
1. A row of black texture — a rubber hot water bottle, a balled-up yarn wall hanging, two funny etched planters
2. White things —three ceramic bowls, a vase, a net bag.
3. Glass studies — arrange different glass cups, vases, and bowls. Maybe fill some with water? Maybe not.
4. Fruit as still life — displaying natural objects doesn't have to be limited to flowers. 
5. Different wooden shapes…and a piece of garlic. There are no rules!
ALEXA HOTZ - clearnorthblog