Lauren Spencer King

An interdisciplinary overlap of influence is at the heart of everything we create, and the process works both ways: Our "Inspired By" series features a different artist creating original work based off the palette, mood, and concept of each seasonal Apiece Apart collection.
For our first Spring/Summer 2015 installment: illustrator Lauren Spencer King's modern guide to Greek vases. Inspired by the blues of Hydra in our spring collection, she mapped out the shapes of ancient pottery, with pieces made for everything from ceremonial tradition to everyday use. Rooted in motifs and design specific to era, region, and class, remaining shards of these pieces are the best guide historians have to the daily lifestyle of the ancient Greeks.
Lauren is an Los Angeles-based artist whose work feels at once personally handmade and meant to be shared. No matter the palette, her drawings and watercolors retain a softness and light that feel like the careful result of work made with utter intention. Lauren is also a meditation instructor who writes and leads workshops centered around breathwork and how the cycles and elements in nature can be a guide to self-restoration.