Kazu Makino

This week, we’re excited to share the debut of our SS16 video: it’s a peek at the mood and inspiration behind our upcoming collection, as envisioned by director Ashley Math and brought to life by the inspirational Kazu Makino, frontwoman of the band Blonde Redhead, and a muse in her own right. We’ve long been inspired by Kazu’s quiet confidence, which come through both in her music and in the way she carries herself, hinting at a complex inner monologue that’s behind the band’s lyrics, behind what she projects to the public. We visited her at home in New York, discussing game changers, guilty pleasures, and the search for finding one's true self.

Kazu wears TOLEDO TOP in white - email info@apieceapart.com to purchase and MINA LEATHER  SKIRT 
Can you share more about what projects, ideas, or jobs have been at the front of your mind this fall?
Right now, I'm thinking about the theater performance called 'Fable' that we will be part of. Also there is an idea to make a video with Connan Mockasin, who made a beautiful remix of “Defeatist Anthem.” I love his videos and it will be with the same director. I can't wait for the remix album to come to a completion—[the] music is great, made by many of our friends and I made a very colorful painting which suits the nature of the album. I'm waiting for the physical proof to come back and this excites me!
What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?
Sun...I am looking for sun and warmth. Going into the winter I am hoping for any chance to enjoy some rays of sun, and I hope to spend some time at home before the year ends.
What is something you are passionate about?
What are you trying to figure out?
How to stay afloat.

When are you the most true version of yourself — what makes you feel most alive?
When i'm riding. I think making and playing music is a state of being a medium and I am not sure that is truly myself; rather, it’s some other force making things happen through me.
What have been some of the biggest turning points in your life or career?
Sickness, it turns out. Out of all the parts, I have weak lungs and when overworked I get very sickly and [it] threatens my career. Yet somehow this became what gives a character to my voice and work. Sickness is a game changer; in the end, for better.
What are your favorite things to do alone?
I like to do nothing, drink tea, sleep, surf the ‘net a little...it's a guilty pleasure for everyone, no?
"I think making and playing music is a state of being a medium and I am not sure that is truly myself; rather, it’s some other force making things happen through me."

What have you been paying attention to recently?
My habits, my breathing, how I relate to others...waiting for the pours in California
You are a style role model for many of us, especially for how your style seems truly your own. Can you share more about your philosophy about clothing and getting dressed? Are there any pieces you are loyal to?
I'm loyal to most things I own, to a fault sometimes. I wear things to shreds — the person who made them will beg me to stop wearing them because it [becomes a] misrepresentation. I think very seriously about dressing before leaving for tours as I want to travel light, but often there is more sleepwear in my luggage than real clothes… wishful thinking that I will get plenty of bedroom time.
From whom or what do you get your own sartorial inspiration?
I get inspired by strangers that catch my attention…then I will be staring and I’ll romanticize about them, and imagine some kind of existence I aspire to be. For example, one day I was at the airport alone, and I saw this young woman with a large technical backpack like mine (the one with waist belt that can be taller than your torso). She was a quiet beauty with light brown hair in a high chignon, she was tanned but not a quick tan, and I could see sand on her bare feet which were in simple leather sandals. She also had an elegant leather shoulder bag and wore a beautifully cut loose black jacket which [to me] meant that she understood luxury even though she chose to lead a simple life. Along with her heavy backpack she had a tiny espresso cup in her hand, walking idly; she was not going to stop heavy luggage from having free hands to enjoy her coffee. When she sat down she took out a thick notebook and started to write in her journal. Once in awhile she looked up and gazed about…I saw an ideal style there in her.

Kazu wears TOLEDO TOP in white - email info@apieceapart.com to purchase, MINA LEATHER  SKIRT, and ILIANA WRAP COAT
Describe a personal routine or ritual.
Every day I look forward to making matcha tea and having my full fat yogurt with fruit. It sounds silly but i think this repairs me. I have been called prima donna by some promotors because I like to have it no matter where I am.
What is a meal you like to cook in the fall and winter? 
Soups and warm dishes...I love lemons so I make a Greek lemon soup: you boil chicken with rice, maybe with some chopped celery in water or stock. When the chicken is ready, take it out and chop into small chunks. Then, turn the heat way down, add the chicken back into the pot, and add a whisked egg (this need to be cool enough so that eggs won't curdle). Simmer. When you’re ready to eat, add as much as squeezed lemon juice you want with some lemon zest. Sprinkle parsley and a dash of good olive oil before serving. If you like lemons this is a good one, and the color is beautiful too.
What is a dream collaboration?
I don't really dream or fantasize about collaborations with people that I’ve never met...I think it is already profound when people comes through your life and I become most interested in working and collaborating with them. That being said, I love Pierre Huyghe's work and I would love to meet him.




Photography by BRIAN FERRY | Styling by ALEXA HOTZ | Interview by LEIGH PATTERSON