Jeana Sohn

Jeana Sohn | Apiece Apart Woman
Multitalented photographer and artist Jeana Sohn has a lot of projects up her sleeve. When we spoke, she was readying to leave on a photo trip to Korea, shot on 35mm film, a balance to the fashion lookbooks and editorial work that has mostly been filling her schedule. Across the Internet, she’s known for Closet Visit, the voyeuristic look into the creative lives (and closets) of some of LA’s most inspirational women, all photographed, interviewed, and curated by Jeana. We flipped the camera lens on her on our visit to her East Los Angeles home to talk more about motherhood, prized possessions, and upcoming projects.


How did you end up doing what you’re doing now?
I came to the US 15 years ago to go to Cal Arts — I met my husband there and now LA is my home. After I graduated, I was a painter for a long time, but photography was always in my heart so one day I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I ever made.

How has being a mother changed the way you view work, or changed the way you perceive your own creative endeavors?

I’ve gotten more relaxed about my career since I became a mother. I won’t take jobs over my boy and I’m totally cool with it.
We have recently become interested in Sister Corita Kent’s list of “rules.” What are some of your own “rules” for living + working?
Be polite. Learn everyday. Always treat people who work for you well. Give. 

"Be polite. Learn everyday. Always treat people who work for you well. Give."

Can you share the schedule of a typical day in the life? If there is no “typical” day for you, what constants remain?

Get up at 6:30am, coffee, make my toddler’s lunch and snacks for school, drop him off at school at 9am and then my real day starts. It’s different everyday but it always ends with reading stories to my son.


What objects have been most significant to you lately?

My new medium format camera, my white Opal ring designed by my friend Grace Lee gives me peace. It’s the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own. I’m also a bit of a marble freak.
What was the best recent conversation you’ve had?

My brother and I recently had a conversation about how we are going to take care of our parents in the future. It was good to know that we were on the same page.
Please describe your last month in a word.


What do you make for a dinner party? Can you share the menu?

Large pot of spicy Korean crab soup, green onion pancakes, cucumber salad, and rice.
What do you make for dinner alone?

Rice bowl with stir fried veggies (whatever you have left in your fridge), fried egg, Korean red pepper paste, sesame oil.
Can you share an as-of-yet unrealized project with us?

I’ve been thinking to do an editorial shoot with a teenaged ballerina with a storyline. I’m gonna try to do this in the summer.


A great artist gets inspiration from anywhere — what are some of the most unusual sources of inspiration for you?

Little things in my life like a pink plastic bag from a grocery store and colors from my toddlers painting.
What are you serious about?

Traffic rules and laws, annual pap smears and breast check ups.
What things will you never take seriously?

Art. When I was a painter, I didn’t like how serious the art business was. I’d rather make art for fun and not stress out about showing and being reviewed by art critics.


Photography by LAURE JOLIET | Words by LEIGH PATTERSON