How We Wear It: Utilitarian Monochromatics

Utilitarian Monochromatic


"How We Wear It" explores personalized, character-filled styling tips and tricks from women we admire and draw inspiration from.
“The best and only way for me defy mediocrity and stereotypes is to truly be an individual. To own who I am and be that person every day.” Cathy Cooper is an LA-based artist of all mediums whose take on embracing at once playfulness and utility reminds us to live with vigor and curiosity. 
Photos by The Ingalls, styling by Melanie Beckett

HWW Cathy Cooper Monochromatic

“My mom was my biggest influence. Raised in Mississippi, she grew up hunting and riding horses, along with being smart, an incredible musician and well educated. When I was in elementary school she made a lot of my clothes. She made playsuits for me, mostly. I will assume that she did because I liked to climb tress and ride my bike. Around age 9, my mom taught me to sew…then, I started to make my own clothes.”


HWW Cathy Cooper Monochromatic

“The women who inspire me are those that present themselves with full transparency. Women who know themselves and present a clear picture of who they are to the world . How I dress is directly tied to who I am as a person; [it’s] how I set my creative standard.”

HWW Cathy Cooper Monochromatic

“I serve myself when I dress. I want to wear colors that inspire me and I need mobility. My greatest ambition daily is to get out the door and to the studio … I don't want to feel encumbered by my clothing. I really like a work jumpsuit — easy to wear, easy to clean. Just easy. And they look great with paint and stains on them.

I stand as an individual. I dress as an individual."