How We Wear It: The Cosmos Convertible Dress

How We Wear It: The Cosmos Convertible Dress
​Inspired by women in movement, The Cosmos Convertible Wrap Dress is a study in versatility. Wearable as a skirt or dress, designed to layer, and intended to adapt to the style of its wearer. 
cosmos dress
The Cosmos Dress in Black and White

Below, our friend Lauren Spencer King — an artist, healer, and meditation leader— wears it in the California Canyons.
Photos by Claire Cottrell


Cosmos Convertible dress how we wear it Apiece Apart

"Putting together this outfit, I kept thinking about the outfit pairings of Georgia O'Keeffe; despite a bit of recent O'Keeffe fatigue (isn't it funny when a person becomes a "trend?!") I also can't deny being drawn to her practical way of living. 
She said her penchant for black clothing made things more simple, and gave her more time for painting. 

As a painter myself I understand this, and often create a uniform: black, white, denim; a dress that can be worn as a skirt; a Calder-inspired brooch made by my mother in the 70's worn in different ways; shoes that go with everything. 
Utility and versatility— they make for a certain kind of freedom."
— Lauren Spencer King
Cosmos dress how we wear it