Camilla Deterre

What style of clothing makes you feel most confident and at ease?
A good button down shirt and an easy pair of pants.
How do you dress when dressing for yourself?
Usually pretty casual and classic. Natural tones. I really don’t like tight clothes so maybe some people would say I dress boyishly.
In what ways have you become the woman you've always wanted to be? How has your idea of that woman changed over time?
I hold myself to a standard less and less as I get older. I really act on feeling/instinct. Being a woman is not a constant. We’re always shifting and adapting.
What moments do you strive to create in your life?
Focused ones.
Are there any principles that help guide your days, actions, or lifestyle?
Sincerity. To be kind and non-judgmental while also staying true to your opinions and beliefs.


Camilla is an actress, model and designer living in New York City.


Photography by TIM HOUT | Styling and Interview by ALEXA HOTZ