Apiece Apart Travels: Kim Ficaro in Denmark

Apiece Apart Travels: Kim Ficaro in Denmark
Our ongoing series on strong and self-made women carving their own paths…interviewed amid travel to the places that “fill the well” personally, emotionally, and creatively. 
This week we shadow Kim Ficaro as she experiences the Danish countryside as documented by her friend (and former Apiece Apart woman!) Ditte Isager. Kim is a creative multi-hyphenate, an accomplished prop and interior stylist; the former style editor of Domino magazine; the founder of home goods line Totem Home; the co-author of "The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives" published by Rizzoli. Kim's CV aptly sets her up as a cultivator of beautiful objects and spaces, an aesthete whose Instagram is an easy place to get lost in a swirl of wanderlust. At the same time she is an astute and respectful observer of how to be a traveler in the world: what it means to submerge deeply into the sensory details of place; how to honor culture, history, and tradition; how to come back from a journey better than when you left. 
Photos by Ditte Isager, interview by Leigh Patterson

Apiece Apart Travels Kim FicaroApiece Apart Travels Kim Ficaro

Set the scene for us on this trip — what brought you to Denmark and what are the details that stand out from your time there? 
This trip was special — I was coming off of a job I had in Sicily and came to Copenhagen to visit Ditte Isager, who is one of my dearest friends. We have not only worked together for the past 10 years, but our friendship is deep...We have been there for each other at very difficult times in our lives. It was so special just spending time together without work ... it was just time. Ditte was pregnant with her third child and we spent the days cooking together, exploring the city, and being with family.
These photos were taken on a day when we traveled to the beach — what struck me and was so meaningful about it was that after all the time we have known and spent together, the culmination lent itself to an easeful fun where flow took over. I have never felt more beautiful in any photos taken of me — in the warmth with someone I love dearly and trust.

Apiece Apart Travels Kim Ficaro

Describe ... an impactful connection you've made on a past journey.
I was on a ferry in Greece, traveling from one island to another. As I was looking into the water I started to feel the weight of my surroundings and beyond — [feeling a] sadness for so many families, children, refugees. I was traveling and working with a gentle, kind man and we spoke about ... the impact, the truths. In the end, we cried together, [united in] feelings of compassion, empathy, and the need for heart and truth in this world.
Describe ... a time when travel left you renewed. 
If I am traveling for my line Totem Home, I am often in Oaxaca. There, I have worked closely with the artisans to create new collections, but most importantly I am there for discovery of the new, whether its a textile, a plant, an ingredient, a new friend...someone or something that has touched my heart.

​​​​​​Apiece Apart travels Kim Ficaro

What are some of your tried and true travel essentials? 
I never know where I will end up or who I will be traveling — be it for work or (especially) for adventure, so this is how I help support all the moving parts:
1. I recently started traveling with a therapy ball: If it’s a long flight I put it behind my back in the seat or stand on it for my feet. It helps with getting the jet lag out. I got mine at a local yoga studio but you can also get them on Amazon...I also like a strap for stretching in my hotel room. 
2. I also take baths with epsom salts for jet lag. 
3. When I’m on planes, I love to bring good-smelling essential oils mixtures — the ones I'm using now are the blends by Living Libations (essential oils + the sea buckthorn oil), and also the Vagus Nerve Oil by Osea [which activates the calming effects of the vagus nerve response, the longest cranial nerve in the body, which helps regulate stress, rest, and digestion]
4. The brand Synchro makes a Digestive Cleanse powder, this is my most important and essential when traveling to other countries. 
5. Music, always. Some of the music I find myself most frequently listening to while going from place to place: The War on Drugs, Phosphorescent, The Arcade Fire, and Krishna Das. 
6. I always set up a mini altar in my hotel rooms, and recently for my line Totem Home I collaborated with my dear friend and Shamanic Healer, Chloe Garcia Ponce to create a traveling altar. It is so important for me to bring some pieces with that keep the grounding when there is so much swirling around — in the altar I include copal incense, a small candle, a cut of a flower or plant, and a small dish that I fill with water. It helps me ground in during hectic mornings, reminder of a pause for prayer or meditation before the day begins. 
7. Drinking lots of water. 
8. Sun Potion Rose water spray. 

Apiece Apart Travels Kim Ficaro

Can you tell us about an object, quote, musing, film, place or book that is of deep significance to you? 
Pema Chodron, “When Things Fall Apart.” Her teachings of compassion and respect for ourselves...and unveiling the layers to get to our hearts and lead from that space.
I hold with high significance all the pieces, objects, findings during my travels through markets and deep inside small shops, visits with artisans, and moments in nature...and bringing them home as reminders of other lands, earth, and the people and time that go into the creation of and tradition behind certain pieces.
How and where does intention fit into your travel experience? 
The intention for me is always to be present, to be open to change, to let myself get lost, to sit (even in the uncomfortable), to listen to the heart of someone new, to let the expansion create new experiences, to connect with the elements, and to keep the sense of wonder always open...

Apiece Apart Travels Kim Ficaro

What travel destinations do you find yourself repeatedly recommending to others?
Costa Rica — when you are there is no other option other than getting into your body. The nature surrounds you, covers you like a blanket.