Alice Willett Fox

What style of clothing makes you feel most confident and at ease?
Natural fibers in shapes that allow for movement. Interesting cuts over bold patterns or colors. I have cultivated a uniform of white T-shirts and tanks, button downs, soft Levi’s denim, Jesse Kamm's fine and sturdy sailor pants, and breezy cotton dresses for summers in Texas.
In what ways have you become the woman you've always wanted to be? How has your idea of that woman changed over time?
She's a moving, morphing target but, I can say that I'm proud of the woman I've become. It feels good to say that. I'm also my harshest critic, but after 35 years, I've finally learned to accept and love myself. My husband has been a major catalyst to that. I have recently entered into a new phase – Motherhood. We are at the three-month mark, and I'm just trying my best to breathe and fully feel all the joys and hopes and fears that surface on our mystical journey of growing a tiny human.
Are there any principles that help guide your days, actions, or lifestyle?
Be present in mind and body and tell the truth, always. So simple but so hard to maintain. We're lucky in Austin to have natural springs to swim in, and lots of grass and big flat rocks in streams to lie on in the sun. At the least, I try to feel the earth with bare feet every day. It keeps me grounded.


Alice Willett Fox is a designer whose work includes interior design, curation, creative commissions, and brand partnerships. She currently works for Bunkhouse Group in Austin, TX.
Photography by ALYSON FOX | Interview by LEIGH PATTERSON | Styling by ALEXA HOTZ